Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hiatus Shmiatus

I know. It's a bit ridiculous to have been M.I.A. for so long. I mean how hard is it to jot down a few pithy thoughts here and there? Well it turns out for this working mom of one, pretty damn hard. I seriously don't know how people do it. And by "it", I mean everything. For example, I was due for a mammogram...A YEAR AGO. Teeth cleaning? Don't get me started. The recycling bill has yet to be paid - as evidenced by the garbage still sitting at the end of our driveway from last week. (Won't you be my neighbor?)

Yes, I'm prioritizing correctly. Child is fed, clothed and kept out of oncoming traffic. Employer is getting (some of) their money's worth. The mortgage gets paid on time. My gas tank is full. (However, my car inspection was due in April. What?). 

Ok fine. Most of the big shit is getting tended to. But what about all the other stuff? I can't remember the last time I read (and finished) a book, short-story, magazine article. I have forgotten what the inside of a gym looks like.  And can we be vain for a moment? I've been using those teeth whitening strips, but with no consistency, because apparently for me it's the equivalent of obtaining a Ph.D.  

But here's the good news. Tomorrow is Monday. A new week. A fresh start.


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