Friday, June 11, 2010

Thurs. Eve / Fri. Morn: Random Musings

I went out to dinner with a girlfriend last night. Cocktails. Appetizers. Dinner. AND Dessert. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am! Stick a fork in me - I'm done. Incredibly decadent 'twas. Plus uber expensive (for little old "living paycheck to paycheck" me). But sometimes it just feels goooood to be bad.

And don't girlfriends R.....O.....C.....K in the USA???? Poor manly man men. No giggling over hunky hunks. No sharing of recipes, cute websites and jewelry. No hugs Before Dinner. No hugs After Dinner. No shedding of tears During Dinner. Ok...could I stereotype any MORE?!? But seriously. My intention is good. Which is to say sometimes there's nothing more nourishing than comfort food and some soul talk with your gal pal. My thanks to you Babs for listening, talking, & laughing with me last night.

Then I get home from said dinner. And I set my alarm for f'ing 5:40 AM but of course wake up even earlier with no hope of falling back asleep. HATE that. I shower, I pack lunches, I wake toddler (a.k.a. nutter butter, munchkin, snoopy-snoop, cutest child EVER; oh and he's a genius too), Try to convince toddler that 1/2 eaten yogurt from yesterday is truly delectable and not to be missed. Toddler throws giant tantrum. Hmmm...maybe NOT cutest kid ever. But luckily (!!) it's not MY turn to bring Crankenheimer to daycare. NAY! It's hubby's turn to do drop off AND pick up. She Shoots! She Scores!! (I know what you're thinking....Mother-of-The-Year material. Don't worry...I'm not expecting a gold statue any time soon).

So I drag my sorry, tired, mid-life crisis arse into my favorite little hole-in-the-wall, locally owned coffee shop. God - I'm a LOSER BABY. Because truth be told - I went where I go EVERY goddamn morning...Starbucks. Yeah that's right. I said it. And you're not going to believe me but I really, truly DON'T LIKE most chains - chain restaurants, chain theme parks, chain letters, chain gangs...

But STARBUCKS.....can you hear the angels singing? I admit it. THIS chain I love. I love their mugs and their cute little pastries. I love their annoying little CD mixes and their friendly banter. I feel like Norm at Cheers. Everybody knows my name!! How do they DO that? If I ever get canned at my current job...well...I'm just sayin'. Might be a green apron in my future.

Now here's the ridiculousosity of it all. I Don't Actually Drink Coffee. I know! Abzzzzurd! But I likes me a tall cooool Iced Tea in the summer. And a warm version in the winter. And YES...I know that for the price of my Starbucks tea...I could get a whole box, maybe 3, of Lipton tea bags. Shame on me. But Lipton is Red And Yellow. And comes in a Box. And I don't waaaahnnaaah make it myself. And Lipton doesn't know WHO the hell I am.

SO I figure...if a spot of tea and a dab of scone (when did I become British??) can brighten the bijillion-hour day I have in front of me then I say....what the hell. I mean c'mon...I recycle. I let people cut in front of me in traffic. I donate to cancer research and NPR and Girl Scouts (and no - not just because I get cookies in return. But really it's because I get cookies in return).

Happy Friday Everyone! (Which is to say No One because that's exactly how many people are reading this blog. Where are you all?? I need some Peeps!!)

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