Thursday, June 3, 2010

Really? I'm a blogger??

Seriously? A blog? Aren't I a bit long in the tooth for this? Granted at 41 years of age I'm not exactly doing the shuffle board circuit yet, but it all seems a bit "mid-life crisis" (i.e. lame). Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Honestly, I'm not sure why I decided to start blogging...or more specifically, why now. Maybe it's because screaming in my office during the work day can scare the other employees and giving the finger to everyone who CAN'T DRIVE TO SAVE THEIR LIVES could possibly lead to getting arrested.

I'm told I have a good sense of humor, but then again that's feedback from relatives - people who love you no matter what and don't tell you that when you went to the prom wearing that hideous pink Gunne Sax dress (with a lace BIB!!!) you looked like some tragically modern version of Laura Ingalls Wilder. (Did I mention the BIB???)

So maybe I can let it all hang out on this blog, entertain a couple of people and also save on a therapy bill (or bail money). We'll see how it goes. As a full-time working mother (wife, daughter, sister, ex-circus employee -- more on that later) who constantly feels the current is about to suck her under, this may be a short-lived "finding myself" project. (A box of wine might be more gratifying.)

Ok - my first blog is behind me. We'll see how I feel tomorrow when I re-read this post and cringe. Now surely there's a brownie somewhere with my name on it...

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